So I went to the Renaissance Festival today and


is that Ezio selling beef jerky


Look, a #Marill wearing an #Azumarill onesie! The dive ball obviously won the vote =] hehe. #Water #Pokémon #Illustration

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A friend of mine looks terribly like a character from Destiny

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Destiny - Vex Battle by Dorje Bellbrook

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Its that damn Cryptarch I tell you…

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Centuries after our Golden Age began, this Darkness found us. And that was the end of everything.

But it was also a beginning.

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Delivery for the Eternal Warrior!


"Yes. I feel this is a good spot, don’t you agree? Close to civilization, but nobody comes around here. I feel we’ll be able to train without having to worry about anybody stumbling on us, my friend."

Ah, I suppose you are correct.

Whipping out of his sheath, Casser looked up at their trainer.

Now shall we begin?

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"Behold the fate of all who defy me— no, who defy the Life Fibers!"

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